A strategic solution insure data integrity of scientific core raw data of non-chromatographic
standalone instrument used for QC analysis.

Why You Need QCMS-FMS?

Solution to insure integrity of Scientific Data genrated from non-chromatographic,standalone Instruments used for QC analysis and automatically capture and catalog the real time scientific raw data from all instruments and make a centralized data repository. As different instruments have their own standalone PC’s, QCMS-FMS offers highly secured environment for preservation of data. We offer our clients with strong backup policies to keep data secure as well as easily accessible. It also helps in managing audit trail on the central server for each and every action taken on analytical files or raw data files.


Seamless communication and scientific data transfer from client or standalone PCs located at different locations with a centralized server.
Compliance-ready, secures environment to manage organization’s scientific data and intellectual property.

Secured environment by disabling cut, copy, paste, move, delete option from the native systems without affecting operations of other third party software.

No mishandling of raw data by any of the users.

Our QCMS system allows data capturing from machines with no PC or operating software through USB or RS232 port. These data are viewed or reviewed by authorized users.

The printing and capturing of reports are done through centralized database and are saved in PDF format as well.


There are comprehensive features that will strengthen your quality control operations.

Data Preservation & Security

Restricting the mishandling of scientific data by disabling cut,copy, paste and move options from client’s machine. Maintaining log of actions (modify, create, attempt to delete, etc.) on scientific data by analyst (windows user or domain user) with timestamp,machine name, operator/analyst name, etc.

Data Download & Restore

Our system allows convenient data download and restore facility with full backup. Single file or zip file of full backup (with date range) of particular PC instrument (in same folder structure) can be downloaded and restored in case of instrument PC crash or file/folder corrupt.

Automatic Data Capture

Immediate, automatic file backup management on centralized server. Seamless communication and scientific data transfer from client/standalone PCs located at different-different locations with a centralized server. Manages versions of files on the basis of no. of modifications.

Online/Offline Audit Trail

System also helps in managing audit trail on the central server for each and every action taken on analytical files or raw data files.offline audit trail track and data backup in case of server connection failures. Automatically upload data and audit trail to server as soon as connection is successful.

Non-CDS System Data Capture

System is able to capture data from machines with no PC e.g. Balance, Dissolution machines, etc. through RS232 port.Information like run parameters, run report, etc. with operator’s name, data acquisition date and time and instrument name can be stored in database. This data can be viewed/reviewed later by authorised users.

Print Capture of Reports

Reports/results/chromatograms can be printed into QCMS, with dynamic tags(metadata). Reports/results are saved in database as well in pdf format. These reports can be searched by tags or pdf contents and can be downloaded. Facility to create, manage Projects, tags templates and assign tags templates to projects, instruments.

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